Sunday Rose Kidman Urban Bio, Family, Facts & More

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban Bio, Family

Though Sunday Rose Kidman Urban is a big name, she is the little daughter of record producer Keith Urban and the gorgeous Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman.

Nicole Kidman and her former husband, Tom Cruise, adopted two children namely Connor Anthony and Isabella Jane but Sunday Rose Kidman Urban is Nicole’s first biological child. She also has a younger sister named Faith Margaret who was born through surrogacy. Faith Margaret was born on 28th December 2010.

After the birth of Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, Nicole Kidman’s maternal uncle suggested the name “Sunday”. This name was inspired by “Sunday Reed” who was a popular Australian art patron. At the beginning of the 20th century, Sunday Reed was a key character in the domain of arts.

This article will tell you about Sunday Rose Kidman Urban’s birthday, her childhood, her family, her age, and much more.

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban Bio, Family, Facts & More


Full Name Sunday Rose Kidman Urban
Nationality American
Famous for Nicole Kidman’s Daughter
Date of Birth July 07, 2008 AD
Age 13 years (as of 2021)
Zodiac sign Cancer
Birthplace Nashville, Tennessee
Father Keith Urban
Mother Nicole Kidman
Siblings Faith Margaret, Isabella Jane (adopted), Connor Anthony (adopted)



Sunday Rose Kidman Urban family

Before birth, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban’s mother (Nicole) was first married to Tom Cruise who is a famous Hollywood actor. The couple remained together for more than a decade. Nicole became pregnant soon after their marriage, but unfortunately, this resulted in a miscarriage. After some time, the couple decided to adopt a baby. Isabella Jane was the first child adopted by them. Later they adopted a baby boy and named him Connor Anthony. This boy was born on 17th January 1995. It was the time of their divorce when the couple revealed that Nicole had a miscarriage.

After the separation of Nicole and Tom, she married a famous record producer, songwriter, and singer namely Keith Urban on 25th June 2006 in Sydney. Nicole’s pregnancy was announced on 7th January 2008. During pregnancy period, Nicole continued her gym and shooting of her different movies including “Australia”. Nicole Kidman used to listen to her favorite CDs during pregnancy including tunes of her husband and works of Sir James Galway.


Sunday Rose Kidman Urban childhood

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban was born on 7th July 2008 in Nashville, USA.

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban also has the nickname “Sunny”. After Sunday’s birth, there were rumors that the couple expecting their second child but later denied by Nicole. Keith and Nicole became parents again in December 2010 after the birth of their second child named Faith Margaret. Faith Margaret was born through surrogacy. Sunday Rose Kidman started schooling and after some time she appeared in a school play. She played an important role in the play and the year 2017, her mother Nicole announced that Sunday would adopt the field of acting in the future.


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