Marc Anthony Thompson Bio, Family, Facts, Career, Personal Life, and Net Worth

Marc Anthony Thompson bio

Marc Anthony Thompson is one of the very famous songwriters and singers from Panama. He added to his popularity with the creation of the musical collective Chocolate Genius Inc. The style of his singing lies under the genres of R & B, rock, and jazz. He is also popular for bringing some changes in avant-garde music. He started his career in 1984 with the release of his debut album named after his name “Marc Anthony Thompson”. In 1989, he released his second album named “Watts & Paris”. After his second album, he didn’t produce anything for a long time. In the 1990s, he created Chocolate Genius Inc. (a musical recording project) and released two albums under this namely Black Music and Godmusic. These two albums received critical acclaim.

Marc Anthony Thompson then started working under Chocolate Genius Inc. with several famous artists and produced many albums. These albums became famous with the passage of time and critically acclaimed. Marc Anthony Thompson also showed his talents in writing commercial jingles, designed the sound for live theatrical production, and also composed original scores for films. Contemporary artists recognized his talents and Marc Anthony Thompson received several awards for his achievements. In this article, you will learn about Marc Anthony Thompson’s birthday, earlier life, career, personal life, achievements, and many more facts.

Marc Anthony Thompson Bio, Family, Facts and Net Worth


Full Name Marc Anthony Thompson
Nationality American, Panamanian
Famous for Singer, songwriter
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac sign Unknown
Birthplace Panama
Height Unknown
Spouse Kate Sterlin
Children Tessa Thompson (actress)

Tsela Thompson (singer and songwriter)

Net Worth $2 million


Childhood and Early Life:

Marc Anthony Thompson early life

As far as his childhood or early life is concerned, nothing much is known about Marc Anthony Thompson. He was born in Panama and moved to Los Angeles in his early life. During his early years in Los Angeles, he became fascinated with contemporary musicians and songwriters. He enjoyed listening to the music of Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, and Bob Marley. He loved the stories in their songs and then turned his mind to become a musician.


He started his career in the music industry by learning to play the flute. As he liked louder music more, so he switched to play the saxophone. At the start, he wanted to become a jazz artist but soon after he turned to write his songs.

After that, his debut solo albums namely “Marc Anthony Thompson” and “Watts & Paris” were distributed by Warner Music Group in the years 1984 and 1989 respectively. These albums were critically acclaimed widely. After good reception of these albums, he moved to New York. He decided to reside permanently in New York, as his kind of music was more popular in New York at that time. In New York, he held recording sessions and met Marc Ribot, a famous guitarist. After some time, Marc Anthony Thompson produced two records in collaboration with Marc Ribot. They both also played for a famous band named “Crackers”.

Chocolate Genius:

Then comes Marc Anthony Thompson’s career breakthrough when he launched his biggest project named “Chocolate Genius”. Chocolate Genius includes many famous artists such as Chris Wood, Christ Whitley, John Medeski, Vernon Reid, Marc Ribot, Van Dyke Parks, and Jane Scarpantoni to name a few. Chocolate Genius started with the release of two albums namely “Black Music” and “Godmusic” in the years 1998 and 2001 respectively.

For their next albums, Chocolate Genius was renamed as Chocolate Genius Inc. The next released albums include “Black Yankee Rock”, “Swansongs” and “Truth vs Beauty” in the years 2005, 2010, and 2016 respectively.

Other Works:

Though his major work was considered as with Chocolate Genius Inc., Marc Anthony Thompson also worked on few other projects. Marc also worked with Lizz Wright’s studio releases. He toured throughout America and Europe as a member of Bruce Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions Band. He wrote several commercial jingles. His composition for films includes “Everyday People” and “Urbania”. In collaboration with producer and musician Stuart Matthewman, he wrote “Don’t Grow”, a song for the movie “Twin Fall Idaho” that was released in the year 1999. Marc’s cover of “Julia” was used in a super hit movie named “I Am Sam”.

He also worked in the music of a theoretical production “A Huey P. Newton Story”. Spike Lee later adapted this music in one of his movies. Marc Anthony Thompson also toured around the world and performed live music.

Awards and Achievements:

Marc Anthony Thompson career

Due to his hardworking, talents, and versatile skills, Marc Anthony Thompson won an “Obie Award”. As he also contributed a lot in the plays, he was also nominated for Drama Desk. Sundance Channel also offered him to host the series “Sonic Cinema” in the year 2000. Later in 2005, he gave composition to the TV documentary “Riker’s High”. In recent years, he again tours the world along with his members and amazes the world with their old songs. Due to his versatile talents and fame, Marc Anthony is mostly compared with successful musicians like Jeff Buckley and Tom Waits.

Personal Life:

Nothing much is known about his personal life, as Marc Anthony remained reserved and didn’t share much in the public. His birthplace is Panama and grew up in Los Angeles. He became popular when he moved to New York.

Marc Anthony Thompson remained in a relationship with Kate Sterlin who is a famous photographer. They have two daughters namely Zsela Thompson and Tessa Thompson. Zsela Thompson is a singer, songwriter, and artist while Tessa Thompson is a famous actress.

Net Worth:

Marc Anthony Thompson has an estimated net worth of almost $2 million.


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