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Famously known to the world as ‘Big George’, George Foreman is a former World Heavy Weight Champion, Olympic gold medalist, pitchman, entrepreneur, and author.

This article will tell you about his childhood, family, facts, career, personal life, and net worth.


Full Name George Edward Foreman
Nationality American
Famous for Professional Boxer
Date of Birth January 10, 1949 AD
Age 72 Years (as of 2021)
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Birthplace Marshall, Texas, United States
Height 1.92m
Father Leroy Moorehead
Mother Nancy Foreman
Siblings Roy Foreman
Spouse Mary Joan Martelly (m. 1985)
Children Freeda Foreman, George Foreman III, Georgetta Foreman, Natalie Foreman, Michi Foreman, Leola Foreman, Isabella Brenda Lilja Foreman, Courtney Isaac Foreman, George Foreman Jr., George Foreman IV, George Foreman VI, George Foreman V
Net Worth $300 million (estimated in 2021)

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George Foreman is a former professional boxer. After starting as a thief who took part in street fights, he became a world-famous boxer. He is best known for his epic fights with boxers like Muhammad Ali, Joe Fraser, Ken Norton, etc. Foreman has a very interesting life story that includes epic victories, devastating defeats, retirements, and comebacks. He has never had a steadfast boxing career; after every loss, he was cutting himself off from the boxing world. After his well-known defeat at the hands of Muhammad Ali, Foreman became a serving Christian again and dedicated his life to God, charity, and his family.

But it was only when the world ruled him out that George Foreman returned at the age of 38, proving to the world that age is just a number. His boxing career earned him a lot of respect and money and he became a successful businessman. In 2002, “The Ring” magazine ranked him one of the 25 best fighters of the past 80 years. The magazine also ranked him the ninth-best boxer of the century. He is the author of numerous cookbooks and children’s books.

Childhood and Early Life:

George Edward Foreman was born on January 10, 1949, in Marshall, Texas, USA, and was raised by his mother Nancy and stepfather, J.D. Foreman, whom his mother married after his birth. His biological father was Leroy Moorehead. He grew up with six siblings in a very poor home in Houston, Texas. Her stepfather was drunk and spent all his money on alcohol. The family relied on Nancy’s meager salary. As a teenager, he often had trouble with the law. He left school at the age of 15. He often participated in street fights and gang confrontations. During these years he decided to join Job Corps and moved to California to be trained in boxing.


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In 1968, George Foreman won a gold medal at the “Summer Olympics” in Mexico City, Mexico. During this time there was turmoil in America over civil rights. The African American community was still confused about whether or not to support US policy. Many African-American athletes have openly demonstrated their contempt for US policy. However, Foreman was not deterred from winning his country’s medal. In 1969, Foreman decided to pursue boxing professionally and underwent serious and rigorous training courses. In the same year, he participated in his first professional boxing match against Don Walheim in New York City. He won the match by knockout from three rounds. 1969 and 1970 were glorious years in Foreman’s career, playing 13 matches in 1969 and winning them all. In 1970, he went on to win boxing matches, eliminating 11 men in total.

Despite all his victories, people criticized George Foreman and said he won these matches only because he fought against their predecessors. In 1973, he silenced his critics by fighting hero Joe Frazier. In this epic match, Foreman sent Frazier to the canvas twice at the end of the first round. At the end of the second round, Frazier was defeated. In 1974, Foreman participated in a match against the infamous boxer Ken Norton. Ken Norton was known for his awkward boxing techniques and fracturing Muhammad Ali’s jaw. By the second round, Foreman had defeated Norton so badly that he reeled in the ring and the referee had to intervene to stop the fight. This gave Foreman a record 40-0 with a knockout of 37. In the summer of 1974, Foreman suffered his first loss. Muhammad Ali fought in a match that took place in the Congo. It was a tough match as the two boxers fought hard. In the eighth round, Foreman was tired and with Ali’s last blow to the head and jaw, it was announced that Foreman had lost the match.

Later Works:

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George Foreman returned in 1976 in Las Vegas. Ron Lyle fought and after the fifth round, Foreman sent Lyle to Earth and won the match. This victory helped him gain the confidence he lost after the match against Muhammad Ali. In 1977, Foreman was tired in the second half of the fight against Jimmy Young and suffered a sudden fall at the hands of Young. It was in the dressing room after the fight with Jimmy Young that Foreman fell ill and claimed he had suffered a near-death experience. Later, he said that in that moment of despair and suffering he decided to change his life paths and dedicate his life to Christianity.

In the following years, George Foreman fully dedicated his life to God and his family. It also started appearing on chat shows such as “The 700 Club”. After 10 years away from the boxing ring, Foreman decided to return at the age of 38, which surprised everyone. Despite not being physically fit, he knocked out Steve Zusky in the fourth round of the match in Sacramento, California. In 1988, he won nine fights, the most prominent of which was the expulsion of cruiserweight champ Dwight Muhammad Qawi in one fight. By 1989, Foreman had begun using his popularity to sell various products by appearing in television commercials. Thanks to his frequent television appearances, he has become a household name in the United States in these commercials, he is portrayed as a cute and smiling person in contrast to the image he had as a boxer.

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In 1991, George Foreman fought heavyweight champion, Evander Holyfield, for the world title in a pay-per-view boxing event. Although Foreman continued the full 12 rounds, Holyfield proved to be too strong for him and Foreman lost the match. In 1993, Foreman lost a match against Tommy Morrison. Morrison was much leaner and younger than Foreman and he tired him out in the 12th round. Foreman was denied the opportunity to fight in another championship match after losing to Morrison, but he took the case to court alleging age discrimination and ultimately won the case. In 1994, he fought against Michael Moorer in a title match in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the first nine rounds, Moorer cornered well, but in the 10th round, Foreman hit Moorer on the chin and he fell on his back. He earned the championship that he lost to Muhammad Ali 20 years ago: the WBA heavyweight title. In 1997, Foreman participated in a match against Shannon Briggs. The winner was facing WBC champ, Lennox Lewis. In the twelfth round, Briggs was declared the winner, and Foreman retired permanently at the age of 48.

Major Fights:

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In 1974, Foreman’s match, known as “The Rumble in the Jungle”, against Muhammad Ali was historic and important in Foreman’s life. At the end of the match, Foreman faced defeat for the first time in his boxing career. In 1987, Foreman returned after retiring from boxing for 20 years. He won at the age of 38 in a match against Steve Zowski by expelling him from the fourth round. Foreman won the match despite being indecent. He said he wanted to show everyone that age does not determine success or failure. In 1994, he won the title of world champion by defeating Michael Moorer in Las Vegas, which he lost to Muhammad Ali in the “Rumble in the Jungle” 20 years ago.

Personal Life:

George Foreman and his wife Mary Joan Martelly

From 1971 to 1985, Foreman divorced four times. One of his wives reportedly fled with her children to Barbados, but he found them and took them back. He has 12 sons and 2 adopted daughters in 2009 and 2012 respectively. He lives with his wife, Mary Joan Martelly.

George Foreman and his family


It was November 5, 1994, when George Foreman was 45 years old, he became the oldest heavyweight champion when he ousted Michael Moorer in the 10th round. Foreman’s loss to Muhammad Ali affected his pride and he fell into a self-destructive cycle of squandering money and being a womanizer. In 1989, Foreman and Muhammad Ali became good friends. Foreman left retirement in 1987 because he had exhausted all his money and needed to support his children. For his fight against Michael Moorer in Las Vegas, Foreman wore the same red underwear he’d worn against Muhammad Ali 20 years ago. Designated as a spokesperson for Salton Fat Reducing Grill, Salton, Inc. They paid him about $ 138 million to buy the rights to name their fat-reducing grill, as “George Foreman Grill”. His five sons were named George Edward Foreman. He believes that name brings them together. He also said that his kids will always have something in common.

Net Worth:

George Foreman has an estimated net worth of almost $300 million (estimated in 2021).


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